Admire is a Funny Word

By Cool Dog

    Sometimes what you think you admire is all hype. It ain’t the dope.

    First you got your beat-box boys, on stage like a drum firin out the cool heat but then you realize those dogs double recorded their tracks. They ain’t playin’ it real.

    Then you admire someone’s stack, cause they got so much cash they think that they the King. Then you find out he stole it from his momma and he’s in so much debt he gotta pay the piper.

     Then you see your best boy and he thinks he got the girl all wrapped up under his skin. And you know he don’t, cause she your bitch.

Admire is a Funny Word

By Jodi’s Mom

    Sometimes what you think you admire in someone is all hype. It’s not real.

    It’s like those women in the PTA. The ones that always seem so put together like they have it all. They pretend like their lives are perfect. Then you find out their kids are the ones that got suspended for selling drugs at the school. 

   Then there are the people that you think have all the money in the world. They live in their big houses and drive around in their fancy cars. They act like they have it all but then they get arrested for embezzlement. 

     Then you see your best friend bragging about how great her husband is after you saw him out with someone else’s wife.

Admire is a funny word

By Stevie 

    Admire means when you look up to someone. We learned about that in class today. But sometimes I think that’s all pretend.

    It’s like that popular kid that says he’s your friend. Then he goes behind your back and makes fun of you to the other kids.

    Then there’s Bobbie and his new toys. He always bragging that his dad buys him anything he wants. Then I heard one of the other kids in my class say that Bobbie’s parents just got divorced and Bobbie only sees his dad every other weekend.

    It’s also like Joey. He always says he is the smartest one in the class and that he knows everything. Then he got caught cheating off of Sarah’s test.

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