The Call

 By Ed Baranosky 

       The phone was answered by a pleasant female voice saying “Good Morning
    FBI Headquarters Miami office. How may I direct your call?”

       I told her “my name is William Anders and I would like to speak to an
    agent about some unusual activity at my place of business.”

      She replied,” Please hold Mr. Anders and I will connect you with an agent.”

      I heard a connection being made and the man on the other end announced “I’m
    Special agent Devlin, how can I be of service Mr.Anders?”

      “Mr. Devlin, I am the owner of an aviation training school. We teach students 
    the fundamentals of flying commercial jet aircraft. The reason for my call to
    the FBI is we have enrolled in one of our courses three students who I believe
    are of Middle Eastern descent.” 

      “The strange thing about these students is they only want to learn how to control the plane once it’s in the air. They made it clear they were not interested in learning to take off or land.” 

     “In light of the recent unpleasant activities in Europe by Middle Eastern groups I thought it
    important to report this to a proper authority. Commercial flying is under
    Federal jurisdiction therefore I called the FBI.” 

     “Mr. Anders that does sound unusual I’ll . . . WHAT! Mr. Anders I’m putting you on hold one of our agents has brought us disturbing news.”

      In an excited voice Mr. Devlin came back on the line saying “Mr. Anders, I’m transfering your call back to our receptionist. Please give her your name, address and phone number we will be in touch with you. A commercial jet just crashed into a World Trade Center building in New York City.”


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