A humiliating experience

By Elaine Schwartz

              I’ve been driving a car for the past sixty years.  I consider myself a good driver but many people think I drive too slowly.

              I was driving to Stop and Shop with my husband to purchase some food items for him to take on his annual painting trip to Monhegan Island, Maine.  He and his artist friends rent a house and share in the food and cooking.  There is a small grocery store on the island but it is very pricey.

              We were discussing what he should buy now and what to purchase on the island. Usually very cautious me was not adhering to the 25 mph speed limit and all of a sudden there was flashing lights and a siren behind me. 

              I pulled over and the policeman asked for my driver’s license and registration.  After checking it, he said, “do you know you were going 40 miles in a 25 mile zone?”

              My husband said, “excuse me officer, my wife has been accused of many things but never of driving too fast”.   The officer couldn’t stop laughing and my face turned bright red.  The very nice officer just gave me a warning and we were on our way.


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