Stone Beckons

By JR Jurzynski

Stone beckons

Stone strikes

Message clears

Passage hears

Mothers wills

crevasses clean

Metacarpal pivots

Doves songs

Phalanges possessions

Ripples release

shimmering blind

Existing states

alter one

Ejaculate Flotsam

Pith transfuse

Chattels free

Smooth waves

pamper lave

Alluvial plain

Seven hands

leather thrones

Heirs apparent

Apparent airs

Conscious abort

Subconscious hide

Lowly Creatures

Sins science

Science sins

Pastel Valley

Impressionists Dreams

Artist’s Creation

never Scene

River Free

Ascending course

Reflecting Thee

Familiar faces

unfamiliar We

Weep profusely

Regrets life

Life regrets


And so it is with Death. Whether God-fearing, God-believing, agnostic, or atheist Death’s knock comes to your door. The Life you lived here is over. The thoughts, the words, what you have done, and what you have failed to do. You have not eluded Death, so why regret Life.

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