By Juliana Lavitola


Middle age approached as my dream prince

Appeared and asked if I would be his princess.

Happy was I to answer, “Yes.”


As we married and settled into our dream home

Our minds became one–sharing ideas and turning

Our home into our castle.

Love and joy was felt as decades sped by.


Then one day, darkness came over our castle,

And took my prince away.

I no longer felt like a princess.


Our castle became quiet.

His touch was gone, as well as,

His embrace, his kiss, his voice.

Everything was quiet.


Family gatherings brought joyful voices.

Quiet crept back in when they dispersed.


As spring ran into summer solstice

Followed by winter solstice,

The castle remained quiet.


Mid-winter, I awakened with a start

Thinking the sun woke me; only to see it remained dark.

I dressed and went quickly to the idle treadmill.

The workout added to my feeling of renewal.

Days passed and as I rejoined social group events,

I found energy without tears.


I felt my prince was no longer beside me.

He now took up residence in my heart

Guiding and pushing me forward.

Thanks to my living prince,

I feel like a princess again.


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